Olivier de Langavant

Olivier de Langavant

Non-Executive Director


Mr. Olivier Cleret de Langavant has been CEO of Maurel & Prom since 1 November 2019.

Before that position, he served in various capacities within the Total Group which he joined in 1981. He started as a Reservoir Engineer, holding positions in France, Congo, the United States and Colombia, before being appointed Senior Vice President, Operations in the Netherlands. Mr. De Langavant was the then Deputy Managing Director of Total E&P Angola from 1998 to 2002 during which time he was heavily involved in the early development phase of the deepwater Girassol field. Following this post, he was appointed Managing Director of Total E&P Myanmar. In 2005, Mr. de Langavant returned to Angola as Managing Director of Total E&P Angola, a position he held until 2009. Upon leaving Angola in 2009, Mr. de Langavant was appointed Senior Vice President, Finance, Economics & Information Systems of Total's Exploration Production (E&P) branch.


In March 2011, Mr. de Langavant took up the position as Senior Vice President E&P Strategy, Business Development and R&D which he held until February 2015. Starting March 2015, Mr. de Langavant was appointed Senior Vice President Asia Pacific. Mr. de Langavant became a member of the Total Group Management Committee (thereafter Performance Group Committee) in January 2012. Mr. de Langavant holds an engineering degree from the National School of Mines of Paris (1978).

Date of appointment

January 28, 2020