Seplat launches STEP initiative for quality education

Seplat launches STEP initiative for quality education

Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc (SEPLAT), leading indigenous energy Company, continues to make notable strides with its drive to improve the standard of education in the country, particularly for its host States. The Company has just introduced yet another laudable educational programme targeted at Secondary School Teachers. The educational programme tagged SEPLAT Teachers Empowerment Programme (STEP) initiative aims to promote Teacher’s creative thinking, allow for higher student engagement, and offer a well-rounded education for recipients of the programme.

The maiden Seplat Teachers Empowerment Programme (STEP) made its debut in Benin City, Edo State, on November 23, 2020, and lasted five days for the first phase. The five-day residential Workshop introductory phase kicks off a six-month programme specially designed for Teachers providing them training on teaching applications for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) as well as leadership and self-improvement training.

The training continues online over six months with Teachers receiving customized training modules on efficient pedagogical methods for STEAM education, as well as leadership and self-improvement training. Seplat developed an Online Teachers Resource Centre which provides the Teachers access to inclusive learnings highlighting best techniques and practices for implementing STEAM teaching methods and assists Teachers to learn to use such methods in the classrooms. The E-Platform will provide and connect Teachers to a collection of STEAM resources to enable them to understand, teach and demonstrate effectively to their students. Seplat supports the Teachers with the provision of electronic devices and internet data for the period of training.

The General Manager, External Affairs and Communications, SEPLAT, Dr Chioma Nwachuku, said a total of one hundred (100) Teachers and 43 Chief Inspectors of Education (CIEs) drawn from Edo and Delta States are benefitting from this maiden edition. ’’Seplat is delighted with the invaluable role the Company is playing with enhancing the quality of education with the many educational programmes offered through the Company’s CSR initiatives. With the STEP programme, the company now has a full boutique of programmes to address the entire education value chain. Our programmes now cover improving school infrastructure, enhancing academic performance of students and building the skills and competencies of Teachers’’.

The Company recently concluded another flagship educational programme, Seplat PEARLs Quiz, which had 574 participating schools drawn from Edo and Delta States. The competition aims to promote and reward academic excellence amongst Secondary School students; it runs for six months with the students and Schools earnestly contest to win the much-coveted prizes.

Roger Brown, Chief Executive Officer, SEPLAT, stated: “Seplat has invested significantly in various educational Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes which support Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 4, because of our strong belief that education is the bedrock for national growth. Worldwide, having a team of competent teachers is a critical success factor for achieving quality education. Our STEP programme, therefore, aims to enhance Teachers’ competencies and empower them with the knowledge and skills to deploy STEAM education, amongst other benefits. STEAM education is crucial in creating a strong educational foundation for students pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics”. Seplat is committed to providing this programme annually because of its relevance, he affirmed.

The officials of Edo State Ministry of Education, Edo State Ministry of Science & Technology and Delta State Ministry of Basic & Secondary Education, respectively, expressed their delight to collaborate with SEPLAT on this exciting initiative because of the multiplier effects it would have on Secondary education. They provided tremendous support to ensure the success of the maiden edition.

SEPLAT will be graduating the first set of Teachers from the STEP initiative by first quarter 2021. Three hundred & eighty-nine (389) Teachers from Schools in Edo and Delta States sat for the qualifying test online on September 16, 2020, and a total of 100 Teachers were selected from Secondary Schools evenly across the two States. Of the 100 Teachers to be trained, 75percent are from Public Schools, while 25 per cent are from Private Schools.

The SEPLAT Teachers Empowerment Programme (STEP) has reinforced Seplat’s widely acclaimed track record for supporting education. Seplat and its Joint Venture Partner, Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) Ltd. is very optimistic that the newly introduced STEP initiative will further deepen and sustain more outstanding standards of quality education.

In the same vein, the Rt Hon. Marcus Onobun, Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly, commended NPDC and SEPLAT for investing in the STEP initiative, saying the move would not only impact the 100 teachers and 43 Chief Inspectors of Education, but will go a long way to advance the fortunes of Edo and Delta State children, expose them to contemporary developments and make them globally competitive.

Onobun added: “I like to congratulate all beneficiaries of this SEPLAT/NPDC Teachers’ Empowerment Programme. It was a whole lot of processes you went through to get here, which goes to show that you are all diligent in what you do, and the recognition you have gotten today is as a result of your hard work. I also like to thank and appreciate SEPLAT and NPDC for putting this initiative together to empower our teachers. I like to commending you for the investment you are putting together for our teachers towards enhancing nation building and for encouraging our teachers to impact quality knowledge and values on our children.”