Energy access

Energy in the hands of every Nigerian

At Seplat Energy, our performance in the use of energy is part of the indices for defining operational excellence.

We encourage ‘thinking sustainably’ in the context of energy consumption across the supply chain. We use mainly electrical energy for most of our operations.

Our occasional use of gas as fuel instead of diesel, reduces hydrocarbon emissions. Our goal is to continuously reduce GHG emissions in production processes by increasing energy efficiency.

We are committed to achieving sustainable long-term growth by providing the optimal energy mix for Nigeria; be a national energy champion and partner of choice to support Nigeria’s energy transition; drive social and economic development through direct and indirect efforts; prepare for a lower-carbon world requiring different products and skills; and achieve significant reductions in corporate emission.


Committed to driving positive socio-economic benefits for our country and our host communities.

Impact projects

In a local industry where others would settle for being “responsible”, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Economic contribution

Supporting a growing economy.