Becoming Seplat Energy

Delivering Nigeria's energy transition

We changed our name to Seplat Energy to reflect the exciting future ahead of us as a supplier of a more diverse range of energy products, not just oil and gas.

The greatest business opportunity we have is to supply the right mix of energy to support Nigeria’s growth. In doing so, we must also look to reduce global CO2 emissions, enter the renewable energy market, make a positive social impact in Nigeria and contribute to its achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Our beliefs about the future:

Hydrocarbon export will continue to be a mainstay of the Nigerian economy and will fund Nigeria’s growth as well as its energy transition

In the longer term, the reality and threat of climate change requires the decarbonisation of energy systems in Nigeria

Seplat Energy has a role to play as a responsible steward of Nigeria’s oil and gas assets, including those that might be divested

We support the goals of the Paris Agreement and are in step with society’s objective to get the world to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, if not before

Lower-emission hydrocarbons, particularly gas, have a role to play during energy transition by replacing diesel generators and biomass

Sustainability and transparency must be at the heart of Seplat Energy’s business operations and decision making

Seplat Energy will be at the centre of Nigeria’s energy transition. 

Who we are

Modern Nigeria is both proud of its roots and ambitious on the world stage. So are we.


Seplat Energy will be at the centre of Nigeria’s energy transition

Partnering with us

Seplat Energy is the investment partner of choice for Nigeria’s transition to cleaner energy production.