Making a positive impact on Nigeria's communities

Seplat Energy aspires to be a good corporate citizen, committed to driving positive socio-economic benefits for our country and our host communities, and recognising that we must continuously earn our social licence to operate.

We embed this commitment in one of the five strategic pillars that guide our approach to business: Behave responsibly and share our success.

We endeavour to align our activities with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our community relationships are governed by a Global Memorandum of Understanding, which is a guideline document that sets out goals, intentions, and responsibilities agreed after consultation with the host oil and gas producing communities themselves.

Through proactive collaboration and needs analysis, we identify and address opportunities for development and concerns for mitigation. Regular dialogue with our host communities has helped broaden our social investment programmes from health, education, and infrastructure improvement to nurturing local entrepreneurship.

There is a growing imperative to address the challenges of climate change and this imperative may force a shift away from fossil fuels long before Nigeria’s reserves are depleted. Therefore, we must help our communities prepare for a time when our industry may no longer be operating in their midst. Helping them diversify their economies is a priority that will ensure robust, resilient communities long after reserves have been extracted or renewables have overtaken fossil fuels. Aside from this long-term commitment, we recognise the need to help our host communities with more immediate concerns.

Impact projects

In a local industry where others would settle for being “responsible”, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Economic contribution

Supporting a growing economy.

Energy access

Our performance in the use of energy is part of the indices for defining operational excellence.