Health and safety

Protecting people's health and wellbeing

Seplat Energy has prioritized safety in every aspect of our work culture. We consistently lay a great emphasis on personal and process safety and prevention of all forms of harm to our employees, contractors and host community members.

Our Health and Safety Policy is implemented with consideration for guidelines stipulated in ISO 45001 & ISO 14001. This is further reinforced by the Company’s Health and Safety Management System to guarantee adherence to local regulations, industry standards, and international best practices. Our philosophy, in this regard, is communicated to all employees, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders of our business. At Seplat, we are governed by the three core strategic principles of our HSE policy: Healthy Employees and Safe Workplaces; Environmental Protection and Sustainability; and Mutual Respect with Host Communities and Local Stakeholders.

We have been working to protect our people through a more systematic approach to health. We provide comprehensive health services and access to all employees, 24-hour clinical coverage in all our areas of operation with standby ambulances for emergencies, and our employees and guests are encouraged to be more proactive towards a healthy lifestyle via health campaigns and provision of biometric monitoring equipment in all facilities. A personal fitness programme has been introduced into daily activities of office-based personnel while a fitness gym is provided in our Field Logistic Bases.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, measures were immediately put in place to protect our personnel and operations from the spread of the illness– Infrared thermometers, hand sanitisers and face masks were deployed to all operating locations for immediate distribution and use. 

A multi-discipline Corona Virus Monitoring Group (COVIMOG) was set up to monitor and coordinate Seplat Energy’s response to the pandemic with a view to sustaining operations. Operations Continuity Teams were set up at the two operational bases. NCDC approved laboratories and hospitals were engaged for provision of PCR testing and clinical services for positive cases.

Safety Statement

Safety is an enduring value at Seplat Energy, which we share with our employees, contractors' personnel, members of our immediate host communities and visitors to our facilities. It is our topmost priority. We are strongly committed to our golden rule of safety first, zero accidents and zero incidents. Seplat Energy promotes a safety culture and safety consciousness among our workforce companywide. We take necessary steps to provide a safe working environment and strive to prevent all forms of accidents and harm to our people. In addition, we encourage our employees and contractors to take exceptional care in following safety procedures and accident preventive measures particularly on risky work situations.

Our Safety Performance

Our safety procedures and practices are well aligned and supported with our health and safety management systems, which are applied across the organisation. We train new managers and staff on our HSE policies, procedures and processes; we retrain longstanding staff on special areas on safety such as accident prevention, fire fighting and use of Permit to Work and Stop Work Authorisation. 


Seplat Energy cares for the health of our employees and their families and we uphold their rights to adequate physical and mental well-being. We have a robust and effective health management policy that is designed to engage top-rate Health Management Organisations (HMOs) who offer excellent healthcare services to all employees and families as well as contractors' personnel. We extend the implementation of specific healthcare programmes to local host community members to provide solutions to identified health challenges. We believe that our anticipated high level of operational excellence can only be delivered by a healthy workforce that is physically, psychologically, and emotionally balanced.


Putting environmental priorities at the heart of our business.

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