Our vision, mission and values

Driven by our Purpose:
Deliver sustainable energy solutions
for society

Nigeria’s large and growing population is hampered by its poor access to energy, especially in rural areas beyond the reach of its gas and power infrastructure. The country’s dependence on imported diesel creates a drain on economic resources as hard-earned currency leaves Nigeria to fund an expensive, inefficient and polluting fuel. By providing accessible, reliable and sustainable energy, fuelled by Nigeria’s abundant gas and renewable resources, we will drive Nigeria’s social and economic prosperity now and in the future.

Nigeria is a nation with limitless potential. Its transition to sustainable, affordable energy will be transformational, empowering every person, business and community to thrive.

At Seplat Energy, we are making this future a reality, united in our purpose to provide the energy for Nigeria’s future.

A rapidly rising population approaching 400 million by 2050, an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, a global engine of commerce and culture. With energy in their hands, just imagine what Nigeria’s people can achieve, together. This is what drives us every day. As Nigeria’s people power its future, we power them – growing together in our story of shared success.

Our Vision

To transform lives through energy. Energy is the lifeblood of industry. With it, entrepreneurs can build businesses, businesses can create jobs, people can improve their prospects, families can thrive, communities achieve greater prosperity. As a champion for Nigeria and its people, we are focusing the collective energy of our people, our customers, our partners, our investors, our communities, and our nation – working together to imagine and realise a brighter future for all.

Our Mission

Leading Nigeria’s energy transition with accessible, affordable and reliable energy that drives social and economic prosperity. As the nation’s trusted independent energy supplier, we understand that Nigeria’s energy transition is a unique challenge. It needs leaders with the long-term vision, local insight and courage to forge new pathways. We are one of them. Step by step, we’re bringing together likeminded trailblazers and forming networks of partners to make cleaner forms of energy more available and reliable for everyone. Each step propels us further and in our mission to lead Nigeria’s energy transition with accessible, reliable and sustainable energy that drives Nigeria’s social and economic prosperity.

The values that guide us


We will prioritise safety, which is a matter of both individual and collective responsibility


We will behave with integrity in all our dealings.


Our ambitions will be driven by partnerships, so we strive to collaborate and be a trusted partner.


We will be a driving and innovative force in the delivery of energy solutions, for social and economic growth.


We strive to be an efficient organisation, proactive and adaptive to changes in our environment.