Why invest?

A dual-listed, future-forward energy company

Resilience and strength

Seplat Energy is Nigeria's leading independent oil and gas producer, operating assets in the prolific Niger Delta region. The company offers a compelling case for investment based upon a multitude of attractive factors, notably:

Significant growth opportunity by replacing diesel and biomass in a country of 200m, projected to be 450m by 2040

Leading energy supplier, providing up to 30% of gas used for power, with strong potential to increase

Strong relationships of trust with government, industry partners and financial markets positions Seplat Energy as an enabler of change

Experienced management team and Board

Low-cost operator, expert in extracting value from mature, de-risked fields to generate strong cash flows that are then be deployed to investor for the future and pay significant dividends (10c per year)

Growing gas business provides long-term revenue visibility and higher margins

Since raising $535m at our IPO in 2014, we have paid investors more than $400m in dividends

Prudent approach to financial management, strong balance sheet

Strong commitment to ESG and reducing emissions, especially flaring