Stakeholder engagement

We understand that to create shared value, our Company must successfully engage with employees, shareholders, host communities, business partners, suppliers, the government, and other critical stakeholders.

Social Investments for a better society as part of our obligations as a responsible E and P company is to respond to the identified needs of host communities, especially, in areas of our core business through the implementation of high-value CSR programmes.

We have provided people-based high impact development-oriented projects targeted at our five core CSR priority areas of health, education, community infrastructural development, youth and women empowerment, as well as environmental stewardship. Seplat continues to embrace and enhance its good corporate citizenship and remains resolute to continue its positive impact on the communities, the economy, the environment, and the society at large.

Engaging our People

From the outset, Seplat Energy has developed and applied a proactive, inclusive, and honest stakeholder engagement approach, which has endeared us to our numerous stakeholders and helped us in building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our internal and external publics. This is one of the cornerstones of our successes in the prolific and sometimes challenging Niger Delta where our production facilities are domiciled.

We work to engage and develop our workforce, ensure that they possess the capacity to deliver on their tasks across the value chain while adequate compensations are given for their performance. We are driven by the fact that people are our greatest asset and that they are responsible for ensuring that our sustainability aspirations are realised. They contribute both financial and non-financial value that is critical for our business performance, the desired competitive advantage, and help to mitigate risks. In addition, they work to build and nurture relationships as well as sustain our social license to operate.

Community Relations

Seplat Energy's approach to community relations has facilitated the establishment of an enduring congenial and peaceful operating environment within all our host and pipeline communities. It has helped in building and sustaining strong relationships and partnerships with various cadres of community people. As a result, we have operated without interruptions to our activities.

We operate fairly and transparently, engaging in open dialogue, managing expectations, and conducting ourselves with the utmost respect for their cultural and ethnic traditions, while helping our communities understand Seplat Energy operations’ social, environmental, and economic potential.

One of the key drivers of our effective community relations practice is our strict adherence to the provisions of the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) with our host communities, which clearly defines the roles for each party.

Local Content

Seplat Energy is committed to full compliance to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act, which seeks to increase the deployment of local materials and resources in the nation's oil and gas sector. The Act looks at the total value added or created in the Nigerian economy through a deliberate utilisation of Nigerian human and material resources for the provision of goods and services in the oil and gas industry which can be measured in monetary terms.

The goal of the Act is to stimulate service providers to invest in new infrastructure or expand existing facilities in order to increase market share for Nigerians, create local competition, improve product quality, enhance operational efficiency and drive costs down in the medium and long term.

We took deliberate and strategic steps since inception to support the development of skills of local contractors and suppliers who have built capacities and expanded their supply scope to the extent that they can work for other operators including international firms. Through ongoing engagements with local contractors and suppliers, we make impact on them in the areas of capacity building including processes and best practices in compliance on safety and environmental standards.

The local content policy since its establishment has played a key role in the advancement of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry, giving first consideration to Nigerian independent operators and creating a platform for Nigerian firms to make significant contributions towards the growth of the Nigerian economy.

Human Resources

Seplat Energy provides a work environment that promotes human dignity, equality, fairness, human rights, and provides the right skills for the present and future generations. Our labour policies and human resource practices are aligned with the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which puts people first and seeks to ensure “that all human beings can fulfil their potential in dignity and equality and in a healthy environment.”

Our People

The oil and gas business is highly technical and knowledge- based. Our successes, therefore, depend on the competence of a dedicated, qualified and professional workforce. Our human resource approach is to attract, train, equip and retain a blend of skilled personnel who pursue operational excellence in an environment where equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion are encouraged.

We understand and respect the different backgrounds and cultures of people, which influence their perception and the way they relate with others to fully realize our commercial goals and our sustainability aspirations, we focus on developing our human capital and creating a culture of learning among the workforce. We support a culture of continuous learning to develop the right skills amongst employees at all levels.

Human rights

In our approach to business, we demonstrate full compliance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are focused on providing equitable opportunities to employees across board. We promote a work environment where all employees feel valued and respected and receive fair compensation for their contributions to the business.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes

Seplat Energy's signature CSR programmes are well received by members of our host communities because of the high value they offer beneficiaries. The programme implementation events witness massive participation from beneficiary communities, while communities that are yet to be visited by our initiatives yearn for extension of the programmes to their areas. Our key signature CSR programmes include:

Eye Can See Programme

The number of people with various eyesight challenges in our host communities who do not have easy and affordable access to eye care services is high. Since it may be difficult and sometimes risky for most of these people to continue to look out for government intervention, this situation has created a population of vulnerable people. Since 2012 when we introduced the Eye Can See initiative, we have continued to deliver solutions to these vulnerable groups, providing them free eye care services including eye checks, surgery for the removal of cataract, prescription glasses and medical treatment of various eye diseases.

Safe Motherhood programme

In many of our host communities, women are unable to access modern and affordable antenatal and maternal healthcare. In support of the first target of Goal 3 of the SDGs, which seeks to reduce the global maternal mortality ratio to less than 70 per 100,000 live births, Seplat intervenes in this area by providing the needed solution through the Safe Motherhood Programme.

The Safe Motherhood Programme which was introduced in 2012 to cater to the needs of community women. The objective of this programme is to make pregnant women aware of safe delivery methods, empower them to embrace these methods and avoid unhealthy practices during pregnancy, delivery and the period of childcare. Expectant mothers receive lectures on danger signs in pregnancy and benefits of child spacing.

Seplat Energy organises workshops for the women on modern and hygienic ways of childbirth, benefits and high rate of success of modern childbirth practices as well as the inherent risks and dangers associated with traditional birth practices. The programme has reduced maternal and child mortality in the communities through the provision of safe delivery kits, insecticide treated nets, distribution of supplements and vitamins as well as the one-on-one consultations received by every pregnant woman who attends each event.

Seplat Energy PEARLs Quiz

The Pearls (Promoting Exceptional and Respectable Leaders) Quiz programme, is the demonstration of our strong commitment in supporting the development of the education sector in Nigeria and in improving the reading habit of secondary school students. The initiative aligns with the achievement of Goal 4 of the SDGs, which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Pearls Quiz initiative is designed to raise awareness and interest in striving for academic excellence among students in public and private schools in Delta and Edo states. The programme rewards diligence and raises the quality of education in our operational areas.

National Undergraduate Scholarship Awards

The Seplat Energy Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is Seplat Energy’s educational programme to assist indigent students in federal and state universities fulfil their educational aspirations. The scholarship is open to students from their second year of study and above who have scaled a pre- set criterion in selected courses of study. A scholarship grant is disbursed yearly to successful applicants till they graduate so long as they maintain the set cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

As part of our community development plans, we have delivered needed infrastructure to improve the standard of living by delivering and commissioning projects as needed.

  • Building of classroom blocks
  • Construction of roads
  • Town halls
  • Water supply
  • Market stalls
  • Solar powered water boreholes

Seplat Teachers Empowerment Programme (STEP)

In November 2020 Seplat Energy launched another initiative to improve the standard of education in our host states. The Seplat Teachers Empowerment Programme (STEP) is a well-rounded programme that provides six months’ in-person and online training designed to help teachers enhance their knowledge and skills, enabling them to be more effective and motivate their students to learn. The maiden STEP made its debut in Benin City, Edo State, in November with a five-day residential workshop that kicked off a three-month programme online. Participants were trained in specially designed teaching applications for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Following the introductory workshop, the training continues online with teachers receiving customised training modules on efficient pedagogical methods for STEAM education, as well as leadership and self-improvement training using a Seplat Energy customised application. Seplat Energy developed an Online Teachers Resource Centre that provides the teachers with access training on the best techniques and practices for implementing STEAM teaching methods, focusing on how best to implement these in the classroom for the benefit of students.

The learning platform will provide teachers with resources to enhance their skills and teach STEAM subjects more effectively, motivating students through engaging discussions and demonstrations. Seplat Energy is supporting the teachers with the provision of electronic devices and internet data for the period of training.

Youth/Women Empowerment - Skills Acquisition Programme

In line with Goal 8 of the SDGs, which aims to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all, we implement several sustainability-related programmes to empower community youths and women economically. We have invested in vocational training for them while we make grants to help graduates of our skill acquisition programmes to set up and run their own enterprises.

The Seplat Energy's Skills Acquisition programme is an entrepreneurial skills development initiative. Its main objective is to train unemployed youths and women beneficiaries on chosen skills to enable them set up micro, small and medium enterprises of their own to become entrepreneurs and employers of labour. Through the involvement of CDCs, the local communities recommend unemployed youths within their areas that are enlisted in the Skill Acquisition Programme for training in various vocational areas.


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