Skills development

We continue to invest in the training and development of our own employees. Through investment in internal skills development, Seplat can further optimise its delivery of operational goals to create further value for all stakeholders. Creating new capabilities internally allows our employees to gain access to roles and opportunities in the oil and gas sector which previously may have been inaccessible due to an insufficient skills-set.

Since 2012, Seplat has run its Graduate Trainee Programme which offers opportunities to students from its local communities to undergo skills and development training to equip those trainees with the relevant skills to be part of Seplat’s growth story.

Chukwuemeka Kerry was a member of the inaugural Graduate Trainee Programme. The initial induction programme ensured Chukwuemeka was provided with the relevant HSSE awareness and training to operate within an E&P environment. Following the rigorous induction process, he was assigned to the Production and Field Operations Department, under the management of Mr Ganiyu Bolaji, Head of Production and Field Operations. A key responsibility whilst in this role was institutionalising a tracker system for field facility equipment performance against oil and gas production trends. Whilst his core training was provided by members of the Production and Field Operations Department, Chukwuemeka was also given training in soft skills development to complement his operational exposure.

At the end of the Graduate Trainee Programme graduates are given the opportunity to voice their preference in working unit within their trainee Department. Chukwuemeka selected the Production Measurement and Reporting Unit, a key division to Seplat given its responsibility for reviewing and optimising operational performance. After three years with the Company, Chukwuemeka is now the Business Performance Analyst and Reporting Officer within the Corporate Production and Maintenance Department, where his key responsibility is to collate and analyse production data from Seplat’s fields in order to track Company performance in achieving production targets for the year. The diversity and breadth of skills training provided on the Graduate Trainee Programme provides skills and capacity building opportunities to individuals from Seplat’s local communities ensuring shared value with local stakeholders in the development of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.