Business model

Constant focus on cash generation

Seplat Energy’s business model is based on five value drivers

  1. Increase our asset base through exploration and appraisal, or the acquisition of blocks or even companies such as Eland Oil & Gas
  2. Increase the efficiency and output of those assets by improving asset integrity and through innovation and strong cost control
  3. Diversify export routes to improve revenue assurance and avoid problems created by using third-party infrastructure
  4. Increase the contribution of gas in our revenue mix, to provide long-term visibility and higher profitability thanks to lower taxes and reduced transportation losses compared to oil
  5. Develop new products and new markets, for example LPG for cooking, off-grid gas-to-power, and eventually significant renewable capacity

We have a constant focus on cash generation so that we can invest for growth, maintain a strong balance sheet that protects us from downturns in oil pricing and allows us to return cash to shareholders.

We also recognise that all these value-creation activities depend on maintaining excellent and inclusive relationships with our host communities, from whom we earn our Social Licence to Operate, as well as our government and industry partners.


Nigeria represents a huge market opportunity for Seplat Energy, both in today’s hydrocarbon-based energy industry, and in the lower-carbon, renewable industry of the future.

Who we are

Modern Nigeria is both proud of its roots and ambitious on the world stage. So are we.

Partnering with us

Seplat Energy is the investment partner of choice for Nigeria’s transition to cleaner energy production.