Our people

Our employees are our greatest assets

We are committed to ensuring their safety and welfare, and their health, happiness and professional development remain at the heart of our Human Resources and employment development policies.

To support Seplat Energy's vision and mission statements, we ensure to attract and retain the right mix of skilled personnel and develop them into the highest calibre of professionals required to grow a world-class energy company. This includes our Graduate Trainee Programme, where recent graduates launch their careers. The company leverages on ‘learning’ as a strategic tool for organisational transformation, growth and development. We adopted deployment of learning intervention programmes via virtual mentored learning (VML) and other online training courses as well classroom learning, to address identified competency gaps.

Also, continuous coaching, mentoring and engagement of employees through online platforms to ensure that our employees have the internal support they need to develop professionally. We undertake rigorous skills and competency management, to ensure employees make the most of the career development opportunities that Seplat Energy has to offer. The Leadership Development programme and other transformational activities that focused on capabilities and behaviours linked to value drivers of the business are delivered online and in-class.

Our very high rate of full-time staff retention is an indicator of the company’s ability to attract and retain personnel. We are very conscious of the fact that the loss of people can result in skills shortage, loss of knowledge and higher recruitment costs.

The company has continued to develop its employment policies with the aim of attracting and retaining high calibre industry talent. Staff turnover remained low in 2020 at 4.5%.

The industry is still expected, over the longer term, to continue to face skills shortages in key areas with competition for high performing individuals amongst competitors being intense. The company’s policy is to provide industry competitive benefits packages and provide progressive career opportunities to retain and attract high performing employees.

Seplat Energy recognises that effective communication and consultation with employees is essential to ensuring an engaged workforce and a conducive work environment.

Through consultation, engagement, fairness, and proactive intervention, the Company has over the years established a Joint Consultative Council (JCC) which comprises of Senior Management and representatives of Seplat employees drawn from across the various business units of the Company.

The JCC is headed by the Director Corporate Services and plays an advisory role to management and has additional jurisdiction on matters of mutual concern relating to industrial relations in the workplace such as safety, work organisation, business tools and more. Employee wellness initiatives such as the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), a confidential and voluntary workplace service, support employees to address work related or personal issues and improve job performance. It promotes the general wellbeing of the workforce thus ensuring they remain happy and fulfilled at work.

The JCC meets at least once every quarter to update employee representatives on key management decisions regarding the Company and to address issues which are of concern to employees. Deliberations, suggestions, and recommendations made during such meetings are cascaded to the entire employees and where required, recommendations which require approval are cascaded to the Senior Leadership Team headed by the CEO and to the Board, where necessary.

The Company also facilitates four town hall interactive sessions, where the CEO updated all employees of happenings and developments within the organisation. In line with the UK Corporate Governance Code relating to employee engagement, the Board, nominates one the Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs) as the employee engagement representative of the Board, to work with the Director Corporate Services to engage with employees, obtain their views and report its findings to the Board.

  • Fitness Programme: To ensure employee wellbeing, we have a gym in the office building where staff can use. But during the period of lockdown, self-isolating or physical distancing, the Online Fitness Daily class was launched, enabling employees to keep fit and reduce stress.
  • Under the Seplat Energy Medical Scheme, employees and registered dependants were provided free access to 24-hour comprehensive medical care through designated health management organisations.
  • A robust Covid-19 protocol was established by Seplat Energy where employees were provided access to medical treatment and test centres at designated facilities.
  • In accordance with best practices, the mandatory remote working policy was issued to outline the Company’s minimum expectations from employees for any period of Mandatory Remote Working and to manage the spread of the Covid-19 virus thus ensuring employee safety during high-risk conditions.
  • Other initiatives such as the Joint Consultative Committee which is a committee of management and staff representatives review issues of mutual concern.
  • The Employee Assistance Programme also promotes employee wellbeing through counselling, wellness seminars, stress management and so much more.

Seplat Energy’s Board and employees are amongst its greatest assets and key stakeholders. The Company is therefore committed to promoting a diverse and an inclusive workplace that will maximise value to the business and ensure the sustainable success of the Company. It is therefore the policy and practice of the Company to attract, recruit and retain diverse and talented members of the Board, Management and workforce.

The Company during the year under review adopted a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Policy aimed at setting the parameters within which Seplat Energy will promote diversity and inclusion within the organisation. This Policy applies to all Directors, employees, and business partners, including their respective recruitment, engagement, remuneration, evaluation, and promotion.

This Policy also applies in all countries and locations in which Seplat Energy operates, except in jurisdictions where the Company has adopted a specific policy on D&I. The current Board consists of nationals from a variety of cultures within Nigeria and internationally, who have diverse expertise in the local and international oil and gas industry and different business sectors. The Nomination and Establishment Committee’s consideration of candidates for directorship includes a review of diversity matters.

Diversity among Directors provides a strong mix of views and experiences to leverage the Board’s decision-making processes and leadership activities. There are currently two female Directors on the Board: (a) Madame Nathalie Delapalme; and (b) Ms. Arunma Oteh.

The Board also promotes diversity throughout the business. Seplat Energy’s Senior Management Team consists of men and women from different cultures in Nigeria and internationally, who have varying skills and experience in the different sub-sectors of the oil and gas industry. The Board is proud of the increasing number of women within the Senior Management Team.

Overall, the Company’s full-time workforce comprises of 26% women and *five different nationalities. The Board is committed to continuous investment in diversity among its Directors and employees.

At a glance

Since our inception in 2010, we have built an energy business based upon hydrocarbon production.


Seplat Energy was formed in June 2009 through the partnership of Shebah Petroleum Development Company Limited and Platform Petroleum Joint Ventures Limited.


Seplat Energy will be at the centre of Nigeria’s energy transition.